What is this?

This blog was inspired by a friend of mine. He has been journaling using photos that he takes daily and publishes to facebook. I am going to attempt to do something similar, but in the form of a blog. I am the wife of a wonderful, godly, fishing addict and a work-at-home mama of three beautiful boys and life, while it can be beautiful, can also be mundane, which can suck the joy out of everyday living. I have so much to be thankful for, and in beginning this blog, I'm hoping to regain my joy. I hope that this will cause me to seek beauty and pleasure in my everyday life. Today is 7-27-11, no significant date, but I hope, the beginning of something really special <3

A couple of parameters for this blog: I will attempt to sum up each day with 1 picture (A collage is okay!). I will keep my posts short and to the point and I will be taking all pictures with my iPhone 4. Enjoy!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Made some homemade beans for dinner. Had a busy day driving Si to school and then going to lunch at mom and dads. I got to stay at school for a bit and watch share time. So much fun. I've been worried that Si is not doing well in school because of his constant complaining that he doesn't want to go to school. He's doing great though, got his good progress report back yesterday and I have full confidence that each day at school is a good one for him. I'm wondering if he needs to get out of the house a little more, so some of our wonderful friends pulled some strings and we signed him up for tee ball today. I hope we can fit it in to our crazy schedule. We prayed about it and overall I felt pretty good. I'm hoping it's just what he needs.


Polished the rest of this wonderful drink of today. It's delicious. Had meetings this evening and a really busy workday today. Trying to play catchup from the holiday on Monday and the PFT test that I proctored yesterday. Not fun.


Ventured out on my own this evening in my neighborhood. A little sketchy in parts, but overall a nice run. Got this handy app to log my workouts. Want to see this list grow! Printed out a training schedule from the Ragnar website and it's great. I don't feel so lost in my training anymore. I know where I'm going!


Posted this today. It's an old picture, but so funny. Harp in a nutshell. I am seeing his creativity more and more everyday. He loves food, drawing and painting, music and pretending. What an amazing kid he is. I am so enjoying 'figuring him out'. Daddy and I ran seven miles together today. Then we had a leadership meeting in the evening. Good day.


Posted this on Insta today. What a face. Church, then family get together at mom and dad Hernandez's house. I was beat and couldn't wait to get into my bed.


Zoo day. Got zoo passes to the San Diego Zoo today. Kind of a nightmare getting there, but once we were there, we threw the boys in the wagon and had some fun. Saw some beautiful animals. Love these family days.


Worked this morning, then had some good outside time with the boys. We had someone out to look at our heating/ac units. He fixed them up and now they're working a lot better. Practiced catching the ball with Silas. He's getting there!

Happy 31 to me. It snowed yesterday and when I took the kids to school, the mountains behind our house were so beautiful. This isn't the greatest picture, but you get the idea. Daddy brought me flowers and a present home from work. I'm so blessed right now. Happy with my little family and my life.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Bass Pro shop field trip today. Had a wonderful time. I love my job and the people that I work with so very much. The boys were so well behaved, took them to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then drove home in the rain. When we got home it was snowing. Daddy raced home so he wouldn't get stuck down the hill. It was nice to have him home early. He started a fire, then I ruined dinner and we all headed off to church. I burnt some vegetables, the house still smells, yuck. Daddy taught for Pastor C tonight and did a great job. I was able to work the PowerPoint for him. I love to support him that way.


Valentines day this year consisted of three things. Taxes, a date, and preschool. I wasn't the one who went on the date either! Daddy took H. on a date because it was scheduled for our monthly dates. I stayed home and our lovely tax lady came and did our taxes. Si had a party in class today and forgot to pass out his valentines. I made this cake for the boys because I felt bad that I didn't get them any treats. I should take a cake decorating class, in all my spare time...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Snuggle Bean. That's the title I gave this picture on Instagram. This boy melts my heart. He smiles at you at just the right time. Just when you need it. Went on a date with my man tonight. The topic of conversation, Kindergarten. We are torn between two schools. Leaning towards one school, but haven't made a final decision. We had some really great sushi and saw the latest Adam Sandler, Jack and Jill. Had a great time. He was still a little sick. I hope he feels better soon <3


Couldn't have gotten through this weekend without my man. I had to sing this morning so he stayed home with the sickies. He was home all day yesterday as well while I ran (six miles, all by myself, btw), went on my Si date and went to a baby shower. He's been feeling a little sick, so I was extra thankful. I brought home sandwiches and we cleaned up and relaxed all night. Got this shot before the boys went to bed. Things like this bring me so much joy. I have a wonderful husband who is a wonderful father, who teaches our boys well. I am content. I don't need anything else.


Good day today. Date with Si this morning, baby shower in the afternoon and then an evening at home with the family. We nursed sick babies and watched TMNT.


Sick boys. That means mommy is home! Got my UGG boots last night. They are awesome! Can't wait to wear them!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Four miler to start my day off! Felt great! My S. is sick though and had to stay home from school again! He is having major tummy trouble and can't keep anything down. He's not throwing up, it's coming out the other end. He's so miserable. I feel so bad for him. I'm hoping it's just a short-lived infection and not rotavirus. (I went online). I hate when my babies ate sick. And he's in so much pain, I can't handle it. He's been clinging to me and sleeping with me, and I've loved that, but I want him better. Baba, Papa, and Aunt A. came for lunch today. We had a nice time. Bean was hugging Auntie when it was time for her to leave. He's the funniest kid. Full of joy and always smiling. Thankful for him. Daddy got home and we ate dinner and were getting ready to go to study when I discovered that Bean now had a fever too. Great. I stayed home with him and Daddy took the older boys with him. The life of a mother, home bound, most of the time. Getting a little stir-crazy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have the coolest kids. They requested 'Michael Jackson when he was a little kid' while we were out running errands. Work tonight. And the old boys won't nap, great.


S. had to miss school today. He had a fever last night and when he woke up he seemed fine and his fever was gone. So we got ready, picked up A. and headed to school. When we got there S. was acting sick again. His fever was back. One of the teachers checked it and we had to turn around and head right home. I fought feelings of embarrassment on the way home because there were other parents around when we got to school. I say 'fought' because my feelings were so ridiculous. I'm too worried about what other people think... We took A's carseat back to her mama and went home. Got my baby in his pj's and made him lay on the couch. He took a really good nap and woke up all better. He'll be back at school on Thursday.


Made this delicious recipe for dinner tonight. Worked, all day. Monday's are rough. But I've found that if I work hard on Mondays, the rest of my week is lots easier. Found put one of my fellow teachers is the new site coordinator for CD. Very excited for her. She was a natural born leader for our team. I'm hoping to step into that role. I decided to start by taking the burden of our weekly newsletter from her. I'm a little nervous about it, but excited to be able to help my team in this way. I'm really settling into my job this year and really enjoying it.


Daddy came home today. Filled the freezer with more fish! Can't say I was very nice to him when he did. I don't like it when he leaves anymore. I'm thinking I should go with him from now on. All I need is a full time nanny... And a lot of motion sickness meds.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Daddy is still gone. We did absolutely nothing today. Sat in front of the tv all day long. We did take a break to pick up co-op and then came right back to the couch. Got an interesting FB message yesterday. One of my friends is praying about starting a mom's group. I'm so excited! Praying for her vision. I hope this becomes reality. It would be so great.


Daddy left for a two day fishing trip. Feeling a little depressed. Mom came to the salon with me to help as all three of the boys got haircuts. Cut all of Si's hair off and was so sad to see him look like a little boy. He's almost 5, my baby is almost 5! Mom and I talked about going to dinner possibly so I had Si call Papa. He can't say no to the boys! We met at Mimi's and had a nice time. I asked their opinion on which school to send Si to. Dad said Topaz wins! Still praying, we will see.


My schedule was empty today and I was so excited I took pictures of my empty date books. This is a rare occasion, I had to celebrate somehow. Silas went to school, I went for a run while the little ones watched a movie. Then we had study in the evening. Still working on talking to people more. I'm trying to get out of my shell, but it's hard. Praying for more boldness.


Had to get out today. Been feeling like that all week. It's the time of year and the weather has been beautiful. Not as warm as I would like, but beautiful. Took the kids to the play area in the mall and bought them happy meals. We had a good time. Bean threw a huge fit, when I didn't give him something he wanted. He is officially not a baby anymore. He's arrived at the disciplinary stage. Took him the longest out of everyone. A new phase.