What is this?

This blog was inspired by a friend of mine. He has been journaling using photos that he takes daily and publishes to facebook. I am going to attempt to do something similar, but in the form of a blog. I am the wife of a wonderful, godly, fishing addict and a work-at-home mama of three beautiful boys and life, while it can be beautiful, can also be mundane, which can suck the joy out of everyday living. I have so much to be thankful for, and in beginning this blog, I'm hoping to regain my joy. I hope that this will cause me to seek beauty and pleasure in my everyday life. Today is 7-27-11, no significant date, but I hope, the beginning of something really special <3

A couple of parameters for this blog: I will attempt to sum up each day with 1 picture (A collage is okay!). I will keep my posts short and to the point and I will be taking all pictures with my iPhone 4. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today was Sunday.  I sang in the morning.  The pic is my view from the stage at around 7:30 am.  Nice and quiet, before the services start.  Came home and ate some homemade shredded beef burritos with the family, then enjoyed a long naptime.  When we woke up, I got some laundry done and Sarah and Cory stopped by to give Gilbert some Nike's and me some sea salt spray.  We watched some weird hoarding and OCD shows and some Radiohead, "King of Limbs".  Starting work tomorrow.  Trying not to stress.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Saturday.  Gilbert had a tournament today, so I was on my own.  Got those great shots of Harpie this morning <3  Took the boys to Marshall's and looked around.  Today was a produce day, so I picked it up.  We had some weird thunderstorms today.  When I got out of Marshall's everything was wet.  I missed the whole thing... weird.  Gilbert got home and fried up some fish.  I had to run to the store to get milk, it didn't come to co-op today, so I took Harpie on a mini-date.  The shots to the left are of our little date.  That kid is so different when he's not around his brothers.  Still gets into mischief, but loves the one-on-one time.  He doesn't get much of that with his brothers around.  We went to get gas, ran to the bank and ran to Vons.  He loves receipts.  He calls them, twenty-ninety dollars and loves to carry them around and writes on them.  I let him pick something out and he picked out some Teddy Grahams.  Such a special kid.


Today was just a slow day at home.  I start work on Monday, so I'm trying to enjoy these slow days.  My friend Sarah stopped by around 10 this morning for a little visit.  She starts work next week too, so we always try to take advantage of the summertime to get some visits in.  The first picture was taken at lunch today.  I thought it was funny because both Silas and Harper are in their underwear.  Somehow, my kids take their clothes off before the day is done.  Nothing I can do to control it!  After naptime, Bean and I had some alone time together.  He was so happy, it was a nice little hangout time for us.  The last picture is from my devotional.  I loved the line, "To know Him is life's highest attainment."  I'm at a time in my life where what I am currently doing, is not very fulfilling.  But what I need to realize is the only thing that I need, is Jesus.  He is life's highest attainment, the only thing that I need to strive for.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We started the day off with some water play outside.  The Kendall boys came over yesterday and turned our sandbox into a 'chocolate factory', so Si and Harpie continued that this morning.  Lots of dumping water out of the bucket, into the sandbox.  Then we came inside, got ready in about an hour (whew!) and drove to Baba and Papa's for Thursday lunch.  I had an appointment with Lorraine Dauk to look at a  house in Oak Hills.  Loved the house, but we found out that we are NOT ready financially to purchase a second house right now.  A bummer, but a blessing in disguise.  The top right picture is the view from the backyard of the house.  The desert really can be a beautiful place.  Then, we went out to Olive Garden and took down some soup, salad and breadsticks for dinner, Baba and Papa's treat!  I'm also attempting to make my bedtime 10, not 11.  I need to be up earlier then my crazy boys.  Tonight was the season premiere of Project Runway, I was proud, I turned it off at 10 and went to bed.  I'll finish watching it tomorrow.  Thank God for a DVR!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The beginning...  I'm excited about this new project, but I'm already doubting myself, that I will follow through.  Today I went with the boys to the lovely city of Redlands for a doctor appointment.  On our way there, we needed gas, so I had to drive down University to find a gas station.  We found one and across the street was that cool wall art up in the corner.  We saw a new doctor and I loved him!  He was concerned about the boy's smallness, but didn't make me feel like he was going to call CPS on me.  He's a keeper!  The shot in the corner is just little Bean slouching in his highchair this morning at breakfast, had to snap that.  The other two are Si and Harper acting crazy in the waiting room (there's a great shot of Harp picking his nose) and Bean got mad at me when I took his shoe away from him, couldn't resist that look.  When we got home, my lovely friend Mrs. Kendall came over so that I could help her with some school stuff, she is probably going to send one of her kids to CAVA.  It feels good to be able to use my expertise to help my friends.  Hoping she will start a trend and we can get more CCHD homeschoolers at CAVA.