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This blog was inspired by a friend of mine. He has been journaling using photos that he takes daily and publishes to facebook. I am going to attempt to do something similar, but in the form of a blog. I am the wife of a wonderful, godly, fishing addict and a work-at-home mama of three beautiful boys and life, while it can be beautiful, can also be mundane, which can suck the joy out of everyday living. I have so much to be thankful for, and in beginning this blog, I'm hoping to regain my joy. I hope that this will cause me to seek beauty and pleasure in my everyday life. Today is 7-27-11, no significant date, but I hope, the beginning of something really special <3

A couple of parameters for this blog: I will attempt to sum up each day with 1 picture (A collage is okay!). I will keep my posts short and to the point and I will be taking all pictures with my iPhone 4. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Started the day with a picture collage of Bean eating a banana.  I don't think there's anything he does that's not cute.  I hit a wall in the afternoon, got really tired.  I tried to play a game with the boys, but got frustrated with them so I just decided to hang out with them for a while, while laying down on the couch.  I need to lighten up with them and games, I want them to do it exactly right, but they're 3 and 4, I need to lighten up.  The bottom right pic was taken as I was admiring my oldest boy.  He starts preschool in a week and Kindergarten next year.  I can't believe how big he is and how handsome.  It was hard to get him to make a serious face, he kept slowly contorting it as I held the camera up to him.  But he finally complied and gave me a good shot of his beautiful face.  I did worship at Moments with the Master tonight.  Debbie Bryson spoke, worship was blessed.  I did an old Hillsong called, "Hallelujah."  Such a great song, worked great, will definitely be doing it again.  The women really worshipped tonight!  I could hear them, and I love that.  The message was great, I was convicted about many things, especially how I treat my boys.  I want peace in my home and a lot of times, I'm the cause of unrest.  I'm too impatient and too negative.  Debbie talked about building up our husbands and our sons.  They need building up, I hope I can do that for them.  The top left picture is what I came home too :)  Daddy was watching an Angel game with the boys.  They were tired, but we let them stay up a little late to spend some time with them.  Daddy and I caught up (since we hadn't seen each other all day), got a hotel room for the Long Beach marathon and put ourselves and the boys to bed.  I am really enjoying this blog.  I hope I can keep it up :)

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