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This blog was inspired by a friend of mine. He has been journaling using photos that he takes daily and publishes to facebook. I am going to attempt to do something similar, but in the form of a blog. I am the wife of a wonderful, godly, fishing addict and a work-at-home mama of three beautiful boys and life, while it can be beautiful, can also be mundane, which can suck the joy out of everyday living. I have so much to be thankful for, and in beginning this blog, I'm hoping to regain my joy. I hope that this will cause me to seek beauty and pleasure in my everyday life. Today is 7-27-11, no significant date, but I hope, the beginning of something really special <3

A couple of parameters for this blog: I will attempt to sum up each day with 1 picture (A collage is okay!). I will keep my posts short and to the point and I will be taking all pictures with my iPhone 4. Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Monday, Monday.  Thinking a lot about homeschooling today.  When I went back to work last week, I found out that most of my teacher friends have pulled their kids out and enrolled them in CAVA.  And over the summer, I found out that at least two families from church are enrolling their kids.  I've got a school all picked out for Silas for next year, but there's a part of me that feels like I'll just be pulling him out in a few years.  Public school gets worse and worse.  Going to pray this year that the Lord shows me what to do with the little guy!  Got a lot done today, was actually able to clean both of the bathrooms in the house!  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  I have a cleaning schedule, where I clean one room in the house a day, but I don't stick to it.  Today, I did!  And I got in the extra chore of the second bathroom.  My boys destroy my house, so Gilbert and I are trying to teach them more responsibility.  Especially Silas.  I don't want to clean up after them forever, so we're trying to teach them now.  There wasn't really much to photograph today, so I photographed one of my favorite times of day, bathtime.  I get to hang out with the boys, while they are all contained in one spot, and they are easy to keep an eye on!  And, they love bathtime.  It's fun for them to 'swim' and play together :)  Then after bathtime, we took an impromptu trip, pajamas and no shoes, to Weinerschnitzel for some Foster's Freeze dipped cones.  Mmmmm!  Fun stuff :)

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